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Quality Concept

Quality ConceptIn Plaset Quality Guarantee System the quality definition is to comply with expected (aimed) conditions,
  • At the first step
  • On time
  • And each time.
For ‘’0’’ fault it is necessary to;
  • Look over and improve the system
  • Get the contribution of all employers
  • Educate
  • Have improving / preventive actions
  • Auto checking
  • Have documentation
  • Have co-operation with suppliers
  • To understand and provide customers requirements.
Quality Guarantee System; is the sum of organized operations to ensure the aimed quality of products.

Our Quality Administration Principles;
  • Concentration on customer
  • Leadership
  • Workers contribution
  • Proccess approachment
  • All time (constant) improvement
  • System approachment in administration
  • Decising taking according to inputs
Concentration on customers;
  • Should understand customers inquiries and expectations
  • Should provide information channels between concerned people in the company to forward customers expectation
  • Should credit customers satisfaction and take necessary measurements according by
  • Should administrate customers relations
The key to the Quality is ’Quality Guarantee System...

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